1. Had fun drawing the clouds in the last one so did a quick cloudy followup~

  2. City Survey

  3. Re-drew the buzz bombers from another piece to fit with the rest of the badniks I’ve done recently and added Grounder.

  4. A mashup of the Sonic the Hedgehog badniks Grounder & Metal Sonic.
  5. Another trio of badniks from various Sonic games, some more iconic ones this time: Turtloid, Spikes & Motobug

    Sonic & related stuff © SEGA.

  6. Simple bit of classic sonic fanart.

  7. A trio of flying badniks from various Sonic games: Mosqui, Whisp and Buggernaut.

  8. Simple and speedy bit of fanart largely inspired by the wonderful childlike drawings of ‘badniks’ from the Sonic 1 instruction manual.

  9. Some 2013 finished work and doodlings.

  10. fish fishy fish fish fish
    terrible abandoned render of a Captain Jameson ship interpretation in 3D
    bioluminescent insect

    A few pieces made in the last year(?) that haven’t made it onto DeviantArt I don’t think.